Saturday, August 15, 2009

Where Are my Tomatoes?

I have so many green tomatoes. In this region, the weather is so inconsistent from year to year, you never know when tomatoes will ripen. We are also in a different microclimate from last year and got our plants in a bit late. I have asked around. Some neighbors have ripe tomatoes. The folks at the Bounty Farm on the other side of town have ripe tomatoes, so it is only a matter of time before we do.

I picked some cherry tomatoes this morning, which are almost there and sweet enough. I made the mistake the other day of trying to sample an almost ripe "fig" tomato. It did not taste like a fig, so now I am waiting for them to fully ripen. There are a few of these fig tomatoes just a few days away from ripe. Will they taste like a fig or a tomato? Or somehow like both?

I am also waiting on Italian paste tomatoes and something called a "pineapple" tomato (not sure if it is named for the color or the flavor), along with a few others. I guess it is only mid-August, so I should be happy with my cucumbers and beans. I just hope the tomatoes have the good sense to not all ripen at once.

Almost there...

Beans Beans!

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  1. Our tomatoes are taking forever to ripen, too! Some of the cherries have been ripening a few at a time, but the big varieties are taking forever. We've had one or two so far, with a few turning now. I can't wait for lots at once!