Saturday, August 8, 2009

Compost Tea

Now that we have a compost system and a new batch of compost, I want to use it, but all the garden is in cultivation, so I don't want to mix it into the soil. Someone suggested I make compost tea, so I looked it up on the google machine.

I had most of what I needed, buckets and compost, but I didn't have an aquarium bubbler or tubing. I took a stroll over to my local stripmall and found a big chain pet store that had what I needed.

I followed the instructions I read at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection and I was all set. Here is my first batch of compost tea bubbling away.

I just watered everything with it and the weather's getting hotter so we shall see what happens.


  1. Does it taste like regular tea? I am curious. ...but suspect I would need to add more than a few spoons of sugar. ?

  2. I haven't tasted it, but I hear It's great with dirt crumpets.

    It actually smells pretty fresh and earthy.

  3. Looks pretty good and easy enough to put together... tks for posting your trial and the link for the instructions. I might give this a try... look forward to a follow up post on your results.