Sunday, August 23, 2009

Here Are My Tomatoes

I think this is Pineapple, a Black Tomato and "fig" tomatoes. The fig tomatoes really don't taste like figs at all. Maybe I got them mixed up with some ordinary tomato. I haven't tried the others yet but will shortly . I don't quite see any avalanches of tomatoes coming, as they seem to be getting ripe only a few at a time.

The Japanese cucumbers are producing at a decent pace, also not enough for major surpluses, but enough to eat.

At the top of the photo are those muskmelons. Probably a few days away from ripe, but bugs were showing too much interest in them to leave them on the ground. Husk cherries at the bottom of the picture.


  1. Petaluma Urban Homesteaders here... Let's connect through the Homegrown Guild organized by Daily Acts (also in Petaluma). Just e-mail their office and hook up. Or, through Amy at Petaluma Bounty. We are her neighbors.

    YOU Keep up the good work!!!! Go Petaluma!

  2. You got it. I will find you soon!

    Go team!

  3. I grew the fig tomatoes last year. They are called that because back in the "olden days" people dried them and packed them in sugar as a kind of fig substitute. I didn't find them particularly remarkable as tomatoes.

    How do you use your husk cherries? I find them a little strong to eat plain.

  4. We just found that same information. Hmmm... I suppose I could dry all kinds of things out, put sugar on them and call them figs, or I could just grow figs, which I am working on.

    The tomato called "pineapple", however is smooth and delicious. I will try to grow it again next year.

    Mine is completely orange with no red in it, but similar tomato.

  5. I have just been eating the husk cherries or putting them in salad.